How to profit from Facebook groups


 How to profit from Facebook groups

Officially now you can profit from Facebook groups. Facebook has been announcing a long time ago to profit from Facebook pages a while ago and they explained how to activate ads on the pages and now for the first time in the Arabic content activating ads in Facebook groups and save money from them. The conditions for activating ads on Facebook Group and making money from them are not difficult. Profiting from Facebook is no longer a problem to have Facebook groups and the conditions apply to activate profit from Facebook groups and start from profiting from the Internet.

In this explanation, we will touch on me.

- Conditions for activating income in the Facebook group

- Explain in pictures how to activate profit from Facebook groups.

The most important conditions for profiting from Facebook

First of all, the conditions for profiting from a group on Facebook, as mentioned, are not difficult, you must first go beyond

1000 participants in the group. Yes, it's very simple, we all have Facebook groups that exceed a thousand subscribers.

The page should be public. In other words, anyone outside the group can see the posts in it and browse the group at any time.

Yes, only two conditions can now run ads in Facebook group and make money from Facebook.

Many ways to profit from Facebook is zero dollar capital that you can profit from in many ways, including those who exploit the group to publish their own products and sell them, and some of them are used to publish articles for the site, depending on which those who work in it, there are many ways to profit through the group. But here we talk that you will win from Facebook itself. Let's start

The link to activate profit from Facebook groups, click on it will take you to this page through this page. You can choose the group you want to activate the profit in, you will find all the groups you have on your north. After choosing the group, you will see if they are ready to activate the ads and profit from them, you will find it in a green balloon. But if you find it in red, it is that you have some conditions that you did not exceed, either you are less than 1000 members of your group or you did not make the page public for everyone. "Make sure the conditions for activating Facebook groups well."

Then he will take you to this page through which you will put your email, but remember that the email must work because Facebook will walk you on it and tell you if it is useful to win from the Facebook group or not. Below you will find the selection of the group page to link the two together and then click Next

It will take you to the page that everything has been done successfully. And you have to wait until you are answered by email, usually in a branch of 48 hours to a week. Just wait and start activating ads and make money from Facebook groups. In order to get profit from Facebook groups, you must continue to publish in Facebook groups and the articles must have nothing to do with things that violate Facebook policy.

This is how to profit from all Facebook groups was one of the ways to profit from the Internet. You can also profit from your Facebook page. Just a few conditions, create a Facebook group, add a thousand members, maybe your friends more than that, then make your page public, then start applying for a profit from Facebook and wait until you are answered.

In the end it is one of the ways to profit from the Internet "How to profit from Facebook and make money from Facebook is no longer difficult" End of the article Profit from Facebook Group.