The most prominent leaks about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, with pictures


 Samsung watch 2023

It seems that the stagnation of global markets in the world of the smart phone industry due to the wars that broke out recently between the countries and some of the slap that the world took due to the pandemic of the new Corona virus was greatly affecting the decision of companies in the industry, and here the technology companies and smart phone manufacturers began to trend more in  The smart watch market, which has begun to grow in recent periods, especially since the need for smart watches from Micro-Chips is much less than that needed by the world of smart phones – it is worth noting that everyone is following about winning the war that may arise between the United States and China because of the pioneering state of Taiwan  Making macro chips or as they are called electronic brains.

Samsung watch

Samsung is trying hard to win this race by continuing to produce advanced versions of its smart watch and focusing heavily on the Galaxy series in terms of continuous development.  Here, in the mobiles lane, we will display the most prominent leaks and pictures of the watch.

 Samsung intends to launch its series of smart watches that compete with Apple, the Galaxy Watch5, which will be officially launched on August 10, at the upcoming Samsung conference, and the latest leaks revealed the potential price of the watches that many are waiting for due to their leading capabilities.

It will come in two different styles

According to press sources, the Samsung watch series will consist of only two models: the regular version of the Galaxy Watch5 measuring 40 and 44 mm, and the premium version of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro measuring 44 mm as it did in the previous version and issued the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, where the hours will witness a slight increase.  about last year.

 The Galaxy Watch5 measuring 40 mm will cost about 259 euros, which is equivalent to about 5 thousand Egyptian pounds, while the Galaxy Watch5 measuring 44 mm will come at a price of 286 euros.

The most prominent leaked specifications about the watch

The premium version, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, measuring 44 mm, will be issued, which is expected to come with a sensor to measure body temperature to detect cases of fever or infection with the Corona virus, Covid-19, at a price of 430 euros.

 The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 smart watch will feature Sapphire Crystal glass screens, and Samsung will provide the LTE model. The Galaxy Watch 5 series also supports GPS and 5ATM water resistance, and there are two buttons on the side in addition to a microphone, with black, blue, white, silver, gold and pink colors.  .

 The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will come with Wi-Fi only and LTE, and a large 572mAh battery, which may exceed 3 days as it was recently certified by the US Federal Communications Commission in mid-June.

Distinguished design and colors

It is worth noting that in the absence of the distinctive “circular crown button” in the watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will rely on touch screen control to allow gesture control without moving the main parts of the watch.

 The images also show the colors of the watch in a distinctive way, as it presents the colors light violet, cream, and dark gray for the Galaxy Watch 5, while the colors black, gray, and green are for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

 Samsung supplies the two versions with different bracelets, with the basic Galaxy Watch 5 having a classic watch strap, and a buckle bracelet for the Pro model.

 Samsung is expected to launch both 40mm and 44mm versions for the base Galaxy Watch 5, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will likely have a slightly larger 46mm watch face.