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About the Whatsapp Plus Blue application

WhatsApp Plus Blue Whatsapp+ is an application for conversations and chats, it is like the regular WhatsApp, but there are some differences in it. Let us explain them first. Download the blue WhatsApp Plus with a direct link, as it is a program developed in some ways different from the original WhatsApp, as it has features that are not present in the original WhatsApp.  In this article, we will explain some of the features that are found in the WhatsApp Plus application, in which you will find the feature of changing the colors and themes that you want. You can also use the feature of not showing your personal photo. You can also use the feature of not showing your last appearance in the application so that no one sees the last  You can also hide your bio as well as the WhatsApp Blue Plus application that gives you the advantage of not showing your status to anyone other than the one you only want them to see. For example, if you want to download some images as your status and you only want one or two people to see them, you should  Do it because the app supports this feature.  There are many differences between the version of WhatsApp Plus - the original WhatsApp, and these differences are represented in features, and the most important of these features is that you can open more than one account on WhatsApp Blue without the need to root your mobile, unlike the original version, you cannot make more than one account The second feature  It is that you can see the private statuses of your friends without them knowing, and this is a very good feature. You can also hide the Seen mark, which is the blue check mark. You can remove it, so your friend will not know that you have seen the messages that he sent you.  Download WhatsApp Gold from here, Whatsapp Gold.

Characteristics and advantages of Whatsapp Plus Blue

Through the Whatsapp Blue application, you can change the shape and color of the icon, and this is a feature that you will not find in the original WhatsApp.

 You can also hide the word Typing or writing in Arabic, and you can also hide recording or Recording in English.

 You can use WhatsApp Blue Plus on more than one number, and this is a feature that many users request because some users have more than one number and want to create another account for the other number they own, so WhatsApp Blue solved this problem.

 You can control the WhatsApp settings from everything, such as choosing the resolution and quality of the images that you send or send to you. You can also choose the size of the video that you send, as it may reach 50 megabytes. You can also send audio clips with high sizes of up to 100 megabytes. You can also put your own status at the top  Accuracy, which is one of the most important features of WhatsApp Plus Blue.
 You can also choose a high resolution for your profile picture.

 Download the Whatsapp Blue Plus application for mobile.

 WhatsApp Blue Plus accepts operation on any Android devices, and it also accepts iPhone devices.
 You can download the blue WhatsApp from our website with a direct link.

 One of its most important advantages is that it is light in size, easy to use, and perfectly simplified.

 You can also write a case of up to 300 words simply.
 The application enables you to view messages sent to you without the sender knowing, and you can also view the cases of your friends without their knowledge.

 You can also remove the blue plate so that your friend does not know that you have seen the messages he sent you.

 You can convert the video to GIF format and vice versa. You can also change your settings to control it, such as status, last seen, and your bio. All this is very simple. You can do it.
 I hope this article has benefited many users.

Download Whatsapp Plus Blue APK

The WhatsApp Plus Blue application for Android is a modified application from the WhatsApp application, which allows the user a lot of developed things that are not provided by the WhatsApp service. This application is one of the most popular Plus applications and applications used in Arab countries as alternative applications.

 It contains many characteristics and features that distinguish it from WhatsApp, such as encrypting calls and messages, hiding notifications and hiding the status of WhatsApp. In the past, users suffered from their online appearance, but with modifications, the user can hide their online appearance even if he is using the application, and you can also freeze your last appearance  On the application, none of the contacts can see if you are present or not.

 Photos and videos do not appear or display in the phone’s studio and where you can retrieve and obtain all deleted messages and be able to read them again and the other person cannot know if you have read the messages sent to you, definitely the modified Whatsapp Plus Blue contains a lot of features that you can try with all  Ease, just download the application from the places designated for that, and after installing it on the mobile phone, you can start using it, just register with the mobile phone number, and then you can use it easily and without any problems, and to learn more about the features of the whatsapp plus blue Apk, just keep reading.

You can receive some necessary features of the Whatsapp Plus Blue application

It is an application similar to WhatsApp and it is completely free that you can start using once you download it.

 You can control everything in WhatsApp Plus Blue, such as the ability to hide the appearance, many users were suffering from their online appearance, but now with this version you can permanently hide the appearance during use.

 There is also a great feature, which is to modify the colors of the entire application with many beautiful colors that you can choose, and you can also change the colors of fonts, backgrounds, and windows, in addition to the ability to change the color of the application icon itself.

 The developers of the application have added more features, for example, sending 90 images at once instead of 30, and you can send video clips of up to 30 MB instead of 15 MB.

 Show the status of the person with whom the incident takes place without the need to enter his personal page. You will find that the status appears directly below the name with information about whether he is online or not.

 You can now write your own status with more than 255 characters instead of 130 characters only, and thus you can write whatever you want without being restricted by the restrictions of the application.
 You can hide that you have seen the status of any of the contacts and it does not appear that you have seen the status.

 When recording audio to send a voice message, the application makes you control whether you want the recording status to appear to the other person or not.

 Similarly to writing, you can also hide the writing status of the person you are chatting with.

 It is also possible to install more than 30 conversations on the main screen so that you can access any of these conversations in the fastest time.

 You can arrange messages by oldest and newest after viewing someone's messages in the group.

 You can also hide photos and videos from the gallery while still being able to view them through the application by opening the person's conversation and viewing the media that was shared in the conversation.
 It is also possible to activate the option to save the conversation in the form of a compressed file and the ability to share the conversation with anyone.