Google Phone Infusion New Pixel 7A


 Google Phone Infusion New Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a
Google Phone Infusion New Pixel 7a

The less expensive and smaller Pixel 7 could be one of the best phones of 2023, especially given early reports pointing to some big improvements to the screen, camera, and even wireless charging. 

If you want to get an early look at the new Google phone, here are the latest leaks.

Google pixel 7a

The difference from the Google Pixel 6a comes from the fact that its successor is more similar to the higher-end models of the brand.  The details, which are not the same, come from the strap on the back which now looks metallic, more plastic, as well as the round camera block that accommodates the two modules.

 The difference compared to the "premium" models is particularly noticeable on the front of the phone.  Thus, the Pixel 7a will take on the Pixel 6a icons, with a flat screen and perfectly visible black borders, especially at the bottom.

 In addition, the leaked source indicates that the dimensions of the phone are as follows: 15.24 x 7.29 x 0.9 cm (1.01 cm with the camera unit), compared to 15.22 x 7.18 x 0.89 cm for the Pixel 6a.