Method for detecting unknown numbers


 The best application to know the name of the unknown caller on the phone

The new Truecaller software is one of the hottest programs today, used to detect the identity of the caller by name and easily understand the information based on the available content.  With the development of modern technology, you can simply understand all the data you want without paying any fees, and know who is calling, sometimes even through pictures, in this article we will learn more.  You can also block any number that disturbs you in a simple way, or reject all messages that you do not want to read and many other features.

Method for detecting unknown numbers

The Truecaller application is one of the best programs that is important to many, and why?  It is that the application provides you with a wonderful feature, which is knowing the name and number of the unknown easily through your phone, especially for people who are constantly suffering from harassment, by unknown numbers and unknown messages at the same time, and of course this application is considered the best and optimal option.

How to identify the caller through Truecaller?

Knowing the caller's number is easy, especially if it is registered on the website, anyone can identify the owner of the caller's number by downloading the application, entering it and writing the phone number in the search box, and you will see the data immediately Who called and know your identity and some of your accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and  Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The Truecaller application feature displays the full information of the caller The Truecaller application contains many features that interest many users of Android phones and iPhones, the most important of which are:

The first big benefit is knowing the name of the caller, even if it's not in the phone book.  The second function is to block anonymous calls and text messages from any intruder or stranger who disturbs you, whether by name only or by phone number.

You can communicate with your friends or relatives through the text chats available in the application.  Truecaller programmers ensure that all content requested by the app (such as reading call history) is completely safe and confidential, and will not be made public in any way.

You can discover the largest amount of information available, and you can understand the data in a perfect and unique way through surveys.  You can search for the number of people you know in a simple way to make it easier to contact you,

Truecaller app can be downloaded on all mobile devices, be it Android or iPhone.  To enjoy all the features, just connect to the Internet, the application is free and very fast on all devices.

 An application that you can download on your device, you can perform any hack safely on your personal device.  We all complain about the phone, women suffer a lot these days and Truecaller is gone.  Supports many different languages ​​to help you operate easily.

To download the application on Android from here, and on iPhone from here.

How to use the new Truecaller program

Truecaller app is developed in a simple and easy way that many people want, as soon as it receives a call, it will recognize and display the name of the caller.  After downloading to your phone, enter your number, wait for the activation code and click on it to continue.

 Then you create your own profile in the program, which allows you to register with three options: Facebook, Google, or manually entering your name.

 Next, you enter your name and email to open the program and hit continue.  You must accept certain permissions, such as reading call history and using microphones and cameras.  Then you completed the activation and any unknown numbers, you may know some of your data.