Oppo unveils a smartphone made entirely of glass


 Oppo unveils a smartphone made entirely of glass

If you think all smartphones look the same, Oppo wants to prove you wrong.  Its new concept ditches metal for an all-glass body, giving it a minimalist look.

 Through the Oppo Inno Days event, the manufacturer revealed a new concept for smartphones.  The latter has the peculiarity of being made entirely of glass, which means that it does not require a frame to hold the screen and cover together.  For this reason it is called "integrated glass" or "all-glass unibody".

 Despite its somewhat unique design, the smartphone still has room at the bottom for a USB-C port.  We wonder how interesting this smartphone can be on a daily basis, especially how Oppo can manage repairs.  Since it's obviously a single piece of glass, taking it apart doesn't seem affordable.