Profit from the Internet for beginners


 Here are 5 powerful ways to make money online for beginners

Are you a serious person who is willing to work, make effort as long as you have the information you need… So, welcome to this post and welcome to the hk tech website.

 Here are 5 powerful ways to profit from the Internet for beginners:

Profit from e-commerce through social networking sites

There are many people who buy products through:

WhatsApp groups

 Telegram groups

 Instagram pages

 Facebook groups or pages

 Facebook Store or Market Place

 Free selling platforms

 This method has become very popular and many people rely on it to get good products at great prices, and the multitude of shipping companies has reduced shipping costs everywhere due to competition.

 You can also meet the seller and the buyer personally and pay him after receiving the product, as well as making sure of the quality of the product.

How to start profiting from e-commerce through social networking sites:

Determine the quality and source of the products that you will sell, select the customer category that you will focus on, determine the e-marketing channels that you will rely on.  You will need to identify the primary marketing channel through which you sell (for example, communication on WhatsApp or communication on Facebook Messenger), and then identify the channels that you rely on for marketing.  For example, you can promote through Instagram account, Facebook groups, etc.

 Promote your products in the right way, try to photograph them well, for example, or try to create video clips for them and review them, as this will greatly contribute to selling your products in a large way and quickly.

Profit from print on demand (POD) websites

The field of printing on demand is considered one of the best fields for beginners, and it is a very profitable field.

 If you do not know about printing on demand, or have not heard of it before, it is one of the branches of e-commerce, where products that can be printed are sold, such as:

 T-shirts or T-shirts



 iPhone case

 And to other things

 The designs that the buyer chooses are printed on the product he wants immediately after completing the purchase process, and the buyer can also download his own design to be printed on any product he wants.

 There are many companies and websites that provide printing service on demand, and what you have to do is create your design or designs and offer them, and then start promoting them, and leave the printing and shipping process to those companies, and I want to point out that it is not necessary for you to  By promoting your designs, you can even rely on SEO only and achieve very good sales.  There are some things for which there is great research, and you can use them to achieve good sales through them, such as the occasion of Mother’s Day and others.

Try to create high quality things, people are looking for good quality products, which is what you should take advantage of in order to profit from the print on demand field.

How to start earning from print on demand (POD) websites:

 ● Create designs with the simplest tools.

 ● Create an account on the most popular print-on-demand sites, or you can suffice with one of them only, including:

 Teespring website

 ● Promote your designs through social media, or you can work on SEO to generate sales.

Profit from selling photos and designs

 There are a lot of people looking for professional stock photos and designs (illustrations) from all over the world, and contrary to what you might think, this field is easier than you think.

 All you need is a good phone, plus some simple photo editing information.  You don't need a professional camera, and you don't have to be a professional photographer or designer in order to start this business.

 How to start profiting from selling pictures and designs:

 Find the best way to take photos, learn how to edit photos and improve lighting, and use free photo and design websites.

 You register on photo selling sites, and the best of them are:

Profit from selling courses or courses

 If you go to the Udemy platform, which is considered one of the best online courses sites, and search in the different course sections, you will find topics such as (design – programming – cooking…) and so on.

 And if you go to any section, you will find yourself a lot of courses that people agree to buy every day...even if they explain something as simple as how to make a Moroccan tagine.

 Udemy is the best recommended platform for anyone who enjoys teaching anything, speaks English in an understandable way, and wants to make money online.

 How to start earning from selling courses or courses:

RSelect the topics you can create courses around.
 After that, you register on Udemy.
 Read the instructions on Udemy.
 Start creating videos for a professional course and make the best earnings.

 Profit from uploading videos to YouTube

 One of the best ways to profit from the Internet, which is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, experience or hobby, is profit from YouTube.